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Wedding lark beer bottle opener(HPWJ-1008)

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1.Material: Alloy 

2:Packing Size:13 *8.5* 5cm 



Birds fly over

The roadside grass dotted with a few Xu Ehuang

The wind love to use it in its mouth

Blowing a spring song

We heard the wind shaking the ancient forest

With and birdsong is

Eyeful of green

Heavy gold

And vowed never to change

Love promise

Let this beautiful lark bottle opener

Send your love to your guests.

The streamlined design of love birds bottle opener

With the heavy bright silver metallic material

Enough to let her in many years later still for your home with oh!

She is a celebration of love and peace prepare for souvenirs.

The lark was placed in a transparent oval box,

And firmly carry on a flocking lining.

Her tail is a bottle opener!

Gift boxes, tie a ribbon and thank you card,

The lark length 10.5 cm,

The box size 13 *8.5* 5 cm

Weight: 140g