ultrasonic cleaner

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1.Time setting: Mechanically adjust 1-30 minute;
2.Temperature Setting: Mechanically adjust 20-80℃;
3.Materials:High quality stainless steel is used in both inner and outer shell;
4.Advantages:Formed by stamping, there's no weld on the cleaning groove.
5.Component Quality:The ultrasonic components are all  high quality imported accessories;
6.Drainage System:Drainage ball valves are installed in both 6L and above models;
7.Cooling System:High efficiency cooling fans are all installed   for 10L and above;
8.Certificates:All through CE, ROHS, FCC authentication;


capacity:0.6L/ 1.3L/ 2L/ 3L/ 4.5L/ 6L/ 10L/ 14L/ 15L/ 19L/ 22L/ 30L


a)While the machine is working normally, ultrasonic and tank syntony gives a well-proportioned sound, and no shudder on the surface of the water, yet there is spray made by the tiny bubbles. If there are discontinuous surges, please add or release a little of washing solution in the tank, stopping the surges is good for cleaning the objects.

b)On the condition of make sure the cleaning object is cleaned, please run the machine discontinuously as far as possible(not more than 30min.),for long-time running causes temperature increment of the case, and speedup the aging of the electronic devices.

c)Flammable cleaning solution is forbidden.

d)Do not start the heater nor ultrasonic while the tank is empty.

e)Prevent water or cleaning liquid from spattering into the case or shaker. 

f)When something is dropped into the tank carelessly, take it out immediately.

g)Make sure the washing liquid is not hot, and turn the ultrasonic off and pull out the plug, while changing or emptying the tank.

h)Clean the dirt in the tank after using.

i)Keep the surface of the machine clean.



a)Don’t plug in the machine with empty tank – be sure to fill in proper amount of liquid before plug-in the machine. Otherwise, the heater could be damaged.

b)Never run the machine with low level of liquid to avoid damaging ultrasonic transducers and heater.

c)Please note that when you run heater, the liquid in the tank could vapor in the long time period, please keep watching the level of the liquid in the tank

d)Washing liquid spatters into the shaker results in creepage and short circuit, and burn the wafer as well.

   e)Electrical abnormity will burn the transistor.

f)High voltage brings damages to the circuit and indicating lights etc.