Smart digital charger

Smart digital charger

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car smart digital charger


color: blue/black/white

size: 15.5*7.8*3.3cm

material :fireproofing ABS

it can be use for camera/mobile phone/laptop/avigraph/Cigarette Lighter and so on.

power:12V-60W  24V-120W

input voltage :DC12V(10.5-14V)  DC24V(19.5-28V)

output voltage:DC110V-240V

high voltage protection:28V

low voltage protection :10.5V

overheat protection:85-100℃

overload protection:12V:70W  24V:140W

USB output:5V/6.8A (1A+2.4A+1A+2.4A)

Cigarette lighter power :150W