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DIN 985 nylon insert lock nut (HPWJ-303)

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  • The product weight:sizes: M3-M24

DIN 985 nylon insert lock nut
1. material: SS
2. thread sizes: M3-M24
3. height: 4MM~48MM
4. finish: polishing

Product Name: stainless steel nylon self-locking nut / stainless steel nylon lock nut / stainless steel nylon locknut
The Product Standard Model: DIN985/DIN982/GB889.1/GB6172.2
Product Specifications: M3-M48
Strength grade: A2-70/A4-70, A2-80/A4-80
Material: authentic imported stainless steel 667, SUS200, SUS201, SUS304, SUS316.